Mooz 2 - Heated bed improvement

Mooz 2 - Heated bed improvement

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Did you try to print ABS on Mooz 2? 

The issues with ABS printing on Mooz 2 is the printing temperature of the heated bed, the thermal expansion of the plastic glued on the heating element is not even resulting in "surface waves" as shown in the video below.

Also the leveling of the bed is inaccurate due to the same plastic used.

In order to solve these 2 issues i have decided to make this part in aluminium. 

You can download the STP model and the drawing for the cover

 Mooz2 Heated Bed Bottom

Heated Bed Top

Aluminium Heated Bed

The assembly model used in this fix can be downloaded here Mooz2 Heated Bed Assembly


Aluminium Heated Bed 3D

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