CATIA V5 Macro - Get Windows Fonts In Catia

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Get access to a wide range of Windows fonts for your Catia projects.

This application enables you to easily import and use fonts in Catia without any hassle.

Try it now and enhance your design experience!

Add the library to your project references: Tools -> References

Dim ff As Object
	Set ff = Nothing
	Set ff = CreateObject("V5_Fonts.V5Fonts")
	Dim colF As New VBA.Collection
	ff.GetFonts colF
	For i = 1 To colF.Count
		ComboBox1.AddItem colF.Item(i)'Add the fonts in to a ComboBox

Download the V5_Fonts and dont't forget to register it using "regasm V5_Fonts.dll /tlb:V5_Fonts.tlb /codebase" (take a look in the V5_Fonts_Register.bat file)

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